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Network of professionals and industry experts, aligned to enhance performance, productivity, and execution of your event or organizations needs.


PHYGITAL is a team of highly specialized and talented producers and contractors.  Our diverse network of partners allows us to tackle many challenges, succeeding because we bring together the brightest talent to make your event a success. 


We pride ourselves in helping our clients connect the dots and providing a support system that allows them to see actual solutions and effective outcomes.  In a world of big dreamers, even the most creative need help bringing together their concepts.  PHYGITAL is your partner in actualizing big ideas and pulling it all together at the end of the day.

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When you’re deeply invested in your business, it can be difficult to see the big picture. That’s where we come in. If faced with a seemingly unsolvable problem, it’s easy to remain stuck there. PHYGITAL sees your challenges as opportunities to pinpoint areas for improvement, define root-causes, map out possible solutions and take swift, but thoughtful action with your end goal in mind. We’re your silent partner in providing perspective and problem solving for short-term pivots and long-term adaptations.


Our scope of work supports clients in both the social and corporate landscapes, with core services in strategy, safety, operations and workflows – both in-person and/or remote. We pair your knowledge of internal intricacies with our proven record of bridging the gaps to create a clear pathway forward for your team.


Nicole Swickle
Sr. Communications Manager at Red Bull

The PHYGITAL team has been a valued extension of the Red Bull family for over two years now. From complete project management, to à la carte staffing, Alex and team are quick to onboard, easy to trust and detailed in execution. Their support for legacy events in skate and motorsports; full oversight of global BMX photoshoots, and influencer experiences across the South have set the bar in vendor excellence.

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